The First Duty

“A spiritual seeker’s first duty is to  have good control over the tongue. Without control of the tongue we can forget about spirituality. Control in both ways: eating and talking. All the senses are controlled if the tongue is controlled.”

Sri Swami Satchidananda

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Connect on a Deeper Level

A conversation becomes a real commun-ication when we connect on a deeper level as we speak to each other.  This means that I am mindful of both what I say and what the other person says.  How we listen is just as important as how we speak.  How can we expect to choose words that bring benefit and create harmony if we don’t listen with full attention and make an effort to truly understand another person’s point of view?

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Measure Your Words

“I always recommend speaking with measured words—not going to the extremes of either complete silence or constant talking.  Speak only when there is a need, and even then measure your words.  Talking takes a lot of energy; and unnecessary speaking creates a lot of problems.  You often make enemies by talking too much.
Occasionally observing silence for a time is a great practice.  Silence is golden.  Silence saves.  I would recommend that practice to everyone.

Sri Swami Satchidananda, from the Golden Present

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Practicing Right Speech

As my teacher once said, “If you can’t control your mouth, there’s no way you can hope to control your mind.’ This is why right speech is so important in day-to-day practice.
In positive terms, right speech means speaking in ways that are trustworthy, harmonious, comforting, and worth taking to heart. When you make a practice of these positive forms of right speech, your words become a gift to others. In response, other people will start listening more to what you say, and will be more likely to respond in kind. This gives you a sense of the power of your actions: the way you act in the present moment does shape the world of your experience. You don’t need to be a victim of past events.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu
from the book Noble Strategy.

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