Yoga in Action


A group of 7 of our Institute members shoveled compost and planted vegetables Saturday afternoon at Alemany Farm, a volunteer organization providing organic, healthy food to low income community members.  We live in a world where so many people are marginalized and even in our city, many struggle to survive the rising cost of living.  Those of us who are fortunate to have both our physical needs met and the wealth of spiritual teachings to guide us, have a responsibility to support and serve those in need with gratitude in our hearts.

It was so fulfilling to think that we were actively supporting this effort to provide free food to those that really need it.  This is truly Yoga in action — taking joy in prioritizing the well-being of others. The experience was marked by the fun of serving together, the grounded feeling of connecting with the earth and the bonus of taking home some organic vegetables and fruits.  Stay tuned for the next visit that we schedule there.


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