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Yoga for Cyclists with Amaran Andrews 

Tuesday, February 20 | 6:00 – 8:00 pm


This workshop is tailored to long distance cyclists with some familiarity with hatha yoga poses and breathing. We will explore poses to decrease pain or discomfort as well as increase the overall enjoyment of cycling. By focusing on stretching tight muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, calves), and opening tight areas (shoulders, hips, neck), you can maintain flexibility throughout the body. While primarily concentrating on physical exercises best done after riding, we will also explore physical and breathing exercises that can be done while on your bike..



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Amaran began his yoga journey in 2003 in NYC after taking an introductory workshop at IYINY. In 2005, when he moved to San Francisco, he started practicing at IYI and felt right at home. After several months, he began to volunteer at reception and has been a fixture at the ashram every since. He has volunteered at reception, in the kitchen, and managing the email campaign. In Fall of 2011 he took TT and began teaching the week after graduation. Amaran teaches Gentle on Tuesday Afternoon: 4:30-6pm.