Welcome to our new website and blog!

Welcome to our new website and blog! I am looking forward to sharing with you here the ins and outs of my own spiritual journey, the teachings of my Yoga master, Sri Swami Satchidananda, some of my own poetry, and many sources of wisdom that inspire me and light my way.

I am observing in these last few weeks how important it is for me to use a combination of Yoga practice and teachings to keep my balance. My regular practice of Hatha Yoga and meditation continues to nourish me in powerful ways when I succeed in even brief moments of resting fully in the present, letting all my concerns go.

But I am especially struck by how often I get swept up in anxious thinking as I perform my duties, some subtle voice inside that is never quite at peace with things as they are right now.

It is helping me so much to think of my service as God’s work, that I am doing my best with it and I do not need to worry. This helps me take events and people less personally, stay focused and try to have fun doing things well.

At various times, when I’m struggling even more, I find a need for yet another approach. I find myself giving up the effort to do well, bowing my head in acknowledgement of my limitations and inviting the Divine to guide me. This helps me be at peace with myself and my actions, and remember that there is a much bigger plan at work than I know of–it’s all in God’s Hands.

Sri Swamiji summed it up in this playful way: “Do your best, leave the rest.

I welcome your comments and questions here and look forward to meeting you at the Institute.

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