Upcoming Stress Management Teacher Training

Dear friends,
Namaste. We want to share with you that we are offering the Stress Management Teacher Training this fall in San Francisco. Having just completed this popular TT at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York, we are eager to offer it in San Francisco, where it is held every few years.

This training is designed to give you the essential skills and confidence to teach Yoga as Stress Management in a wide variety of environments, including the workplace, hospitals, schools, and many other surroundings.

It provides a strong foundation in understanding stress, and illuminates how the physical and mental Yoga practices empower people to cope with challenges and heal from past stress.

We have refined this training over the past 15 years to show how we can make accessible to any population all of the Yoga practices – including the teachings from Raja, Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga.

Additionally, the training deepens your own understanding and practice, and develops new skills like leading group discussion, marketing methods, and designing workshops and courses.

Many of our graduates find creative ways to bring these skills into a great variety of places.

“Integral Yoga Stress Management Teacher Training was one of the best programs I have ever attended. Everything was covered, from a deep understanding of stress and Yoga stress management, to teaching many different groups of people. It included how to modify poses for people with special needs, how to structure classes, and how to effectively market your newfound skills. The written manual for this program was superb. I continue to use it often.” -D. Thompson, New York

The training is open to all certified Yoga instructors with at least 6 months of teaching experience. We hope you will consider taking this inspiring and useful training.

To register and learn more, click here or visit us at Mind Body Online at: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=151295&stype=-8&sTG=25&sVT=16&sView=day&sTrn=100000055

For questions about this training, email Swami Ramananda at ramananda@integralyogasf.org or Jaymie Meyer at jaymie@resilienceforlife.com

Yours in the Light,

Swami Ramananda, ERYT500

Jaymie Meyer, ERYT500


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