Understanding the Roots of Greed

” The more we think of ourselves as physical, the more we will see ourselves as isolated and alone, separate from each other and from the rest of life.  Separate creatures are cut off from everything that give life meaning: a sense of unity, a purpose for living that is larger than ourselves, and the lasting, loving relationships we must have to be human and whole.

Every human being hungers for these things yet these are inner needs that can never be filled by the material goods that industrial civilization is made to offer .  The media saturate our senses with the message that if we only buy this, own that, eat this, experience that, this hunger will go away. But it does not go away–and, in fact industrial civilization depends on whetting our appetite for more, more, more.

It is this cycle of hunger and frustration that drives the cycle of production and consumption. And that cycle, in turn, leads to ruthless exploitation of the earth’s resources, and eventually to war for control of the spoils. “

Eknath Easwaran  

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