Understanding and Befriending the Ego

..I do tell mine every morning to let things be as they are, to remember the simple joy of being present to the very seat of awareness along with all the things and people that move in the vast space of forms…..to take refuge in the mantra that can bring me back into awareness…..to find joy in serving, even when it means being firm….

….after my practice, the ego is calmed and attentive and takes it all in….but as the buttons get pushed, the challenges arise, the old fears crawl out, it starts to lose that clarity and look for small comforts here and there…it starts to push to do more, to accomplish enough, to be good as if it needs to prove something…..

…at the end of the day, if it succeeded in pushing past my attempts at vigilance, it feels tired and a little needy for something…for some escape, for some treat….slowly, it is learning that the act of looking for happiness is the very thing that prevents happiness from being….so it is with this dear friend who so much wants to do the right thing but cannot yet keep its inner eye on the Light.

Even now, it’s not so sure it likes to be exposed this way…..sending love from both of us to both of you,

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