The Ultimate Source–An Exploration with Richard Miller

I so much enjoyed the practice that Richard Miller led at our satsang with him in early February. He guided us in a simple, yet powerful witnessing practice during which we experienced — probably each of us in our own way — a sense of ourselves as a pure awareness, beyond time and space. It was remarkable to me that he could so easily guide a big group of diverse individuals in such a tangible experience of a non-localized presence within.

Richard Miller and Swami Ramananda

He then skillfully led a discussion with us about that experience and its implications. He gradually helped us to understand that there is a subtle underlying reality in the background of our consciousness in which we are all connected, just as fully as our own hands are connected to our feet.

He answered questions with wisdom and humor, making it possible to laugh about our normal ways of seeing and believing, and encouraging us to know that our minds are limited and there is a much bigger picture for us to embrace. I am really looking forward to his next visit and doing more of this internal exploration under his adept guidance.

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