The Guiding Light of the Gita

krishnaImagine that in a moment of despondency, the Universal Consciousness that is the essence of all things, begins to speak to you.  You receive clear guidance from deep within.  That is how we can think of the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient scripture that reveals the full breadth of Yogic teachings.

The Gita appears as a dialogue between Arjuna, who represents the ego-mind that has fallen into confusion, and Krishna, who represents the Spiritual Self,  that Source of unerring wisdom within us all.  As the conversation unfolds, Krishna educates the disheartened mind about the various paths of Yoga, exposing the illusion of separation we are lost in, and how we can awaken to the Truth.

Krishna inspires us to see the truth of our Spiritual nature, and describes how we can gain mastery over the conditioned mind to unveil that truth.  He acknowledges the challenge of transcending the mind and presents the complimentary path of selfless service to purify the heart.  He offers Yoga practice for even those moments when we are most despairing, describing the path of faith and surrender.

I will lead a three part series, discussing how we can make use of these sublime teachings, on Mondays, 7- 8:15pm, April 27, May 4 and 11. Please join me in bringing these timeless principles into present moment practice, revealing our innate capacity for profound contentment and joy.


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