The Beauty of Simplicity


The residents have selected simplicity as the practice for this month.  While simplicity is not specifically mentioned in the primary scriptures of Yoga, it beautifully compliments the practice of Saucha, cleanliness, and Gurudev often cited it as a cornerstone of a Yogic lifestyle.

My guess is that none of us will find it difficult to incorporate this practice in some way and be grateful for the effect. Applied to diet, it means choosing clean, whole foods and avoiding excessively processed choices and complex combinations.  This makes digestion easier and allows us to channel our energies toward our spiritual practice.
Applied to our living and working environments, it implies neat and modest surroundings that are efficient and uncluttered, thus conducive to clarity and economy.  Practicing simplicity can also be an enormous relief to a our typically jam-packed schedules, allowing us time to pause, breath and be fully present to what we are doing.  Imagine easefully making time to nourish yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.
All of these ideas contribute to a mind that is unburdened by trying to cram too many things into our lives, allowing us to more deeply experience the real source of happiness within and thus the magic in even mundane moments.
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