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Quotes from some of our Recent Graduates:
As the weeks went by, more and more I saw the wisdom in the design and layout of the course. Every week, I got to meet yet another teacher that surprised me. Where else can I get such a team of dedicated and knowledgeable teachers?
The program helped me retune my head and my spirit toward a truthfulness and peacefulness that I had become very estranged from.
I loved this experience. It was highly professional, spiritual and personal. You are so skilled and loving in your chosen paths and it shows.
This program gave me a time to improve myself, move deeper into Yoga, and have confidence.
I no longer feel amateurish about it. I feel joyful about sharing what I’ve learned and to be able to serve!
I’m really thankful for everything I’ve learned during this journey.
I have a completely different idea of Yoga now. I feel a lot more confident and aware of the points I still have to work on in order to grow.
Jivana has amazing qualities which he shared so deeply with our class. I honor so much the teachings and time he shared with us. I learned in detail the powerful effects of pranayama and meditation practice. I would love to learn even more about pranayama and meditation for it has been such a positive experience in my life.