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Taking the Leap with Mukunda Morozumi

Sunday, January 22, 11:15am-1:15 pm

The mythological monkey god Hanuman had such deep devotion to Rama that he leapt across great distances to bring peace, harmony and healing when all hope was otherwise lost. It is with this kind of determination that taking a leap in life often requires. This powerful Hatha class will work up to the featured pose Hanumanasana and modified Hanumanasana, as we discuss the concepts around taking a leap in any area of your life. Whether this is related to career, family, relationships, self-discovery, etc., the practice will offer a fresh perspective on an ancient Indian story and be applied to whatever “leap” you are making. Through great devotion, renewed inner strength and unknown resources can be found. Previous experience with this pose is not required. All levels welcome.


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