Embraced by the Andes in Argentina


I arrived in Buenos Aries early Monday morning and left Tuesday afternoon for the 22 hr bus ride to San Martin de los Andes, a beautiful town near the border with Chile.  I stayed there in Prema, the Integral Yoga Institute, positioned in the foothills of the Andes with scenic views of the surrounding mountains.

I gave workshops on four consecutive nights, presenting different aspects of Yoga and how it can transform our lives.  We explored how a comprehensive approach to Yoga results in a whole way of life and heals all the levels of our being.  We discussed how love can be a potent part of our practice, bypassing the reasoning mind that sees each of us as separate.

I spoke about what it means to practice Yoga in this particular era, with all of its marvelous technological advances, and all of the violence and injustice that has accompanied those advances.  I believe our spiritual practice is much more potent when seen in the context of the condition of our world, our communities and our homes.  

We are responsible for our own contributions to our world, and our Yoga practice is one of the primary ways we have to be fully aware of the impact of our lifestyle and daily interactions.  Even though our science oriented culture does not appreciate the power of the subtle energies we generate in our hearts and minds, our everyday choices, as well as our long term goals, take on new relevance when we realize that each action and every focused thought is a tangible contribution to the collective consciousness of our planet.

We ended each workshop with prayers for peace in the world.   We may not realize that each time we close our eyes and focus on an intention like this, we generate a peaceful energy in our own hearts first and we benefit immediately.  And we may not see the effects of such prayers, but many saints have reminded us that sincere prayers like this can bring peace to many hearts.  May we all learn to make this a habit and find numerous ways to manifest this intention as we walk through life.


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