Our spiritual community had a very meaningful sharing and discussion after the recent election.  It was so helpful for us to come together, hear from each other the spectrum of feelings and concerns that we felt, and inspire each other with positive ideas for how we might respond in the days to come.
One of our senior teachers, Kristie Home, spoke so eloquently in her closing remarks that numerous participants mentioned that they wished they had her comments in writing.

Here is what Kristie later wrote:
I was speaking extemporaneously, but have done my best to recreate the statement for sharing. Great thanks to all who attended and shared the evening; your company was a comfort.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Once, a newer teacher who I was mentoring came to speak with me. She had established a class with a steady following in a community she was happy to serve. They were loving the asana practice. How, though, she wanted to know, could she interest them in taking their practice deeper? She felt like she’d tried everything. What would it take to really get them seeking, she wanted to know? I smiled and replied immediately and brightly, “Suffering!”
If you think about what brought you to spiritual practice, it was probably a time of great pain. A few people come to practice purely from curiosity, and they are blessed! But most of us come to practice from pain. When we feel pain and suffer, we seek to change, to grow. If we look back, it is often the hardest of times which grow us the most, which make us wiser and stronger.
So, here we are. There is so much pain, so much suffering, for so many of us, as individuals and as a people right now. Let us feel this pain, and also let us know our peace, and from the two, let us press toward right action, toward clear sight, toward enlightenment. Let us care for one another in the dangerous times ahead; let us stay awake, vigilant, and grow. May this hard time spark the best of things in all of us.
May we all be free. 
Kristie Home

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  1. Cathy Blake December 31, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    Swami Ramananda,
    This reading is exactly what I needed to see. this week has been a difficult one, as my daughter has received a diagnosis of schizphrenia. my heart aches with sorry and love. thank you for reminding me that I can hold both emotions at the same time, and expand into lovingkindness.
    Blessings and love to you.
    Cathy (Janaki, NYC)

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