Spiritual Community

Spiritual communities or sangha may be misunderstood.  The goal in connecting is not necessarily to meditate, chant or pray together.  It’s about being stronger, more effective together than apart.  It’s about helping one another, not just other humans, simply because it’s the right thing to do.
Recently, I was transported thousands of miles away from the spiritual community that I had been living and practicing with for many years.  What did I find?  There is some adhesive, some magic that unites us all no matter how long we’ve know each other.   In our community, we share the same yogic practices, same rituals, and same ideals. We call it Integral Yoga, our teacher is Sri Swami Satchidananda but it’s a worldwide family.  We all want peace but not just for ourselves for all of Creation.  We know the answer is by becoming peaceful ourselves through yoga practice, and then we share the peace in our day to day lives, in everything we do.
I can’t say I don’t miss my last sangha deeply because I love everyone there so much–I do.  I have known my new sangha for only days and I believe if we were to cross a raging river they would never let me go. We would all hold on for dear life. Why?– because it’s the right thing to do.
For me, centers for spiritual living are breathing exchanges of energy.  We are only one global spiritual community and our mission should be nurturing interconnectedness with all living beings on the planet.

Swami Arivananda

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