Sri Swami Satchidananda seemed to move in a parallel universe even though he was right here among us in solid form. The ambience around him was pristine, very pure and sacred. He could walk through a muddy field and not soil the hem of his robe. He served the sacred in everything, even the hem of his robe. Nothing was insignificant to him and in his world, everything was in order.

Our efforts to live up to his standards fell flat. But one principle finally emerged, which has been so helpful. It is easier to keep things in order and clean if you have fewer of them!

One of the practices of Saucha is to identify clutter, and detach from it. Simplify. To simply reduce our office, bedroom, closet to the items which are currently useful is enough. Suddenly Saucha becomes possible – even enjoyable!

Swami Divyananda

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