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Silent Retreat: Hearing the Wisdom of Silence

with Swami Arivananda, Marc Mukunda Morozumi and Rev. Kamala Itzel Hayward

Thursday, March 22nd – Sunday, March 25th

The natural beauty of the ocean side, sacred Native American grounds, the timeless wisdom and practices of Integral Yoga, and the power of silence will all serve to create a harmonious environment to undertake the inward journey. The silence, which is observed by all the retreat participants, shields one from external involvement, allowing the mind to go inward and be still. In this stillness, the wisdom of the heart emerges and our True Self comes into flower. The days will consist of Hatha Yoga, workshops, meditations, and evening programs with time for walks, and delicious vegetarian meals.

This year our theme is Listening to the Wisdom of Silence. Free yourself from the incessant barrage of day to day clatter and reconnect with your innate sense of wonder and peace. Hope you can join us!

Commonweal Retreat Center, Bolinas

$425 shared room
$525 single room


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Swami Arivananda, RYT 500, is a devotee of H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda and has been teaching Integral Yoga since 2008. Teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced Integral Yoga practices as taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda with the primary focus on discovering the True Self. Understanding we are already that which we seek and these yoga practices merely uncover that Light within, is the first lesson.

Before Integral Yoga, Swami Arivananda enjoyed an eclectic career as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer for over 25 years. The last decades she owned and operated a successful performing arts center and ballet company. In addition to her performing arts career she and her partner of 20 years developed a software company focusing on interactive multimedia and training programs.

For past seven years Swami Arivananda has been serving with the Living Yoga Trainees (LYT). Her enthusiastic style exemplifies that it’s not the service it’s the attitude that makes the magic. The disciplines of Integral Yoga transform “doing” yoga, into “living” yoga. Arivananda has been instructing in all aspects of Yoga including but not limited to Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Karma, Raja and Bhakti Yoga. She also tours extensively teaching at various schools, temples and yoga centers around the country.


Marc Mukunda Morozumi began his yoga training in 2001 as a student of ashtanga yoga while still dancing with Joe Goode Performance Group in SF. After a spiritual journey to India in 2007 along with life’s bittersweet unfolding by way of injury and heartbreak, he found Integral Yoga as a natural home. Since 2009, Mukunda has deepened his practice with teacher trainings through Integral Yoga and maintains a steady Hatha I/II class on Saturday mornings at the SF IYI. He has recently been a staff member on IYI silent retreats and will be sharing more teachings in workshops in the coming months. You can learn more about him at


Rev. Kamala Itzel Hayward is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT), a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and an Integral Yoga Minister committed to serving and honoring the innate dignity and goodness of every person through the teachings of yoga and meditation. She currently serves individuals in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District who are facing poverty, substance abuse and addiction, and mental and physical health challenges. And she is working with Dr. Dean Ornish to bring yoga and meditation to heart patients in hospitals across the country.
Rev. Kamala is also a certified coach, sharing powerful and transformative interpersonal skills to individuals and groups with a special emphasis on couples and families. She is the creator of the Relationship Transformation System, a step-by-step program for creating happy and healthy relationships.
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