September Teaching: Cleanliness as a Spiritual Practice


Guest Blogger, Swami Divyananda

The mind affects the environment and the environment affects the mind. A messy bedroom or disorganized office puts us out of sorts and our stress barometer goes up. On the other side of it, when we are upset we create chaos around us. We’re hasty and careless, inattentive.

Saucha is is one of the great yoga gateways into peace and our practice for the month of September. If I’m depressed my first order of business is to clean my bedroom. Life looks manageable when my personal space is neat and tidy. If I’m overwhelmed, I put my papers in order and make a priority list. That is Saucha too.

Sri Swami Satchidananda was borderline fanatic about Saucha “Cleanliness is not ‘next to Godliness’ – it IS godliness.” His purpose is to awaken our consciousness. It takes a constant awareness to keep our environs clean, to stay present, alert to the effects of our presence as we move through space.

Eventually this evolves into awareness of the thought forms we spew out around us as well.

Saucha is the only principle in the Yoga Sutras which warrants two sutras. In the second one, the rewards are given: “Fitness for God-realization.” A worthy pursuit!

Ommm Shanti,
Swami Divyananda

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