Sensory Indulgence

“Most of us suffer from sensory overload, the result of constant bombardment from television,
radio, computers, newspapers, magazines, books — you name it. Our commercial society
functions by stimulating our interest through the senses. We are constantly confronted with
bright colors, loud noises and dramatic sensations. We have been raised on every sort of sensory
indulgence; it is the main form of entertainment in our society.

The problem is that the senses, like untrained children, have their own will, which is largely
instinctual in nature. They tell the mind what to do. If we don’t discipline them, they dominate us
with their endless demands. We are so accustomed to ongoing sensory activity that we don’t
know how to keep our minds quiet; we have become hostages of the world of the senses and its
allurements. We run after what is appealing to the senses and forget the higher goals of life. For
this reason, pratyahara is probably the most important limb of yoga for people today.”

David Frawley

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