Practical Saucha


Here are 3 easy and practical ways to begin practicing Saucha from Peaceflow Yoga, Boulder, CO:

  1. “Consider committing to a cleanse. Eliminate drugs, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, sugar, dairy and meat.   Try removing one of these, or all of them for a day or week or longer, just see what happens and how you feel.  Starting smaller can make it easier to eliminate and keep these things out of your diet. And removing one at a time will give you the opportunity to see how each of these things affects your system.
  2. Pick up someone else’s trash.  Take loving care of our “mother” earth and keep it clean anyway you can.  Use as many “green” products as possible as they are so much less harmful to the earth and environment.
  3. Keep your living space as clean and organized as possible.  From an energy and psyche perspective, clutter clogs the mind and can overwhelm the senses.  Create serenity in your life by living in a neat environment.”
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