Satsang: Resolving Trauma 2017-12-29T19:45:04+00:00

Satsang: Unresolved Trauma with Chinnamasta Stiles

February 17 | 6:00pm – 7:30pm


Any trauma that has been experienced in the past, is longing to be heard, seen and acknowledged with unconditional love. To a yogi, freeing yourself from the emotional and mental stress that is vibrating in every cell of the body is the deeper inner work beyond Asana, focussing on the practice of Samyama as is described in Chapter 3 of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The goal is to find your way back to your spontaneously arising state of Being, a state in which you feel stress free, creative and uninhibited in your expression. This Sadhana requires dedication to the highest Truth and a deep longing for Freedom or Moksha.

Chinnamasta will share her view on what the root cause is of unresolved trauma, how it affects your health and how to do deal with an unresolved burden that prevents you from living and expressing yourself fully.

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