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Reiki I Training
With Dr. Eric Rubin

September 8 & 9 | 9am – 6pm


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REIKI is a healing system from Japan with roots tracing back to ancient times. REIKI mobilizes the body’s innate healing abilities through a laying-on of hands and channeling of universal life force energy. For the yoga teacher or practitioner or anyone interested in hands-on healing, REIKI is a powerful, nurturing, and non-invasive approach, which heals by restoring balance and harmony in the body. REIKI combines well with other healing modalities or can be used as a stand-alone practice.
REIKI is taught through a process of attunement, ritually passed on from teacher to student. During the attunement, the body’s energy channels are cleared of obstructions, aligned and opened wide to the source of universal Ki (Chi). The result is a lifelong amplification and profound deepening of the practitioner’s innate healing abilities.
This workshop will include:

  • All REIKI I attunements, certification and course manual
• REIKI history, philosophy and research
  • Basic REIKI hand positioning and specific care strategies
  • Discussion of ‘vitalism’, the human energy system, chakras and the meridian systems
  • Discussion on integrating Reiki with Yoga and other healing modalities
  • Lots of guided hands-on practice, processing and group work


$275 Early bird ends August 10
$265 Active SF IYI Teacher $265

Enrollment is limited


Eric Rubin, DC has been teaching Reiki and helping people live in their bodies with more ease and awareness since 1994. He is a senior instructor at the San Francisco School of Massage and is also a graduate of the CPMC’s Integrated Bodyworks Program as well as Life Chiropractic College West. In addition to maintaining a diverse chiropractic and bodywork practice in San Francisco, Eric has years of healing experience working in hospitals and clinical settings. He has a special passion for serving families and the pediatric population.