Our recent interfaith event embodied a message of mutual respect and shared commitment to living spiritual values such as compassion, generosity and kindness. Sri Swami Satchidananda taught us that bringing spiritual traditions together this way is not meant to change anyone’s faith or to create some new faith that mixes practices. Such gatherings are a beautiful way to learn from each other, be inspired, and ultimately see our common ground. When we look deeply enough beneath the language and external symbols, we discover the essential truths, the One Spirit that is the source of all faiths.

We come together like this not just to talk about, but to EXPERIENCE our shared humanity and divinity; not just to tolerate, but to appreciate and celebrate each path. We can really enjoy the diversity of names and forms when we know the unity behind them. We can bring this conviction into our daily lives to consciously erase the lines we may have drawn between ourselves and others, and to dispel the illusions of separation that are so widespread in our world.

Swami Ramananda Signature