Raja Yoga Teacher Training Graduates

pic-Graduation-RajaI want to highlight the recent graduation of 8 people from Raja Yoga Teacher Training. As many of you know, Raja Yoga is the study and practice of the teachings delineated in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The recent graduates engaged in both an in-depth study of these teachings and 2 months of committed personal practice to experience the profound meaning revealed in this science.All of us, including Swami Vimalananda and myself as the instructors, felt enriched by embracing the wisdom of the Sutras. We practiced integrating principles like compassion, honesty, contentment and faith into our daily lives, and by reflecting on the habitual thoughts patterns that separate us from the peace within and our natural connection to all of nature.
These graduates are now trained to teach Raja Yoga. But I am inspired by knowing that they will teach not only in formal settings, but by being living examples of mindfulness and peace in whatever they do. I also want to express great appreciation for the dedicated service of Swami Vimalananda, their primary instructor, and Swami Karunananda, who visited for several weeks offering her vast experience as well.
The graduates are Amba Brown, Amaran Andrews, Ishwari Spoon, Jackie Barshak, Maya Nagaoka, Mira Jacobs, Salvadore Carlucci, and Susan Ford.



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