Pathways to Peace, New Years Yoga Retreat

Sometimes I ask myself how I really want to feel….and then, why don’t I feel that way.  No doubt,  I get caught up in my work and too identified with how well that  is going.  I fall into old habits like trying too hard and then feeling like I need a reward or something to make life enjoyable.

Don’t we all dream of “getting it all together” somehow?  Do you, like me, envision sailing into the New Year grounded, focused and vitalized?, — but then ask yourself how to get there from here?

The best way I know to make such a fresh start and develop the kind of deep, healthy patterns that last, is by doing some focused spiritual practice.  A great such opportunity is on the horizon in the form of Pathways to Peace, New Years Yoga Retreat.

This retreat is tucked into three days between Christmas and New Years, at a gorgeous setting in Santa Barbara California called “La Casa de Maria”, with lovely walking trails, alcoves for prayer, and facilities that are situated right in the middle of a grove of old oak trees.


The program includes two hatha yoga sessions a day, several group meditations daily, and amazing speakers.  Our keynote speaker is Dr. Michael Lerner, the co-founder of Commonweal. We’ll have guided journaling with Dairine Pearson, Yoga workshops presented by myself and Swami Divyanandaji,  Jnani Chapman will conduct the gentle yoga classes, and Mukunda Morozumi will give a workout to the experienced students.


We’ll show footage from satsangs with Sri Swami Satchidananda who led retreats at La Casa de Maria in the 1980s.  Two of the days will be in silence, which amplifies the benefits of our practice ten fold.  It improves both our meditations and our capacity for introspection.


You can find out more and register at I hope to see you there.

Om Shanti
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