Opportunity to serve our community

I recently emailed this letter out to the Integral Yoga mailing list announcing a new initiative that we started at the Institute earlier this Spring. I wanted to share it with all of you as well, and hope that you will join us.


Dear friends,
Namaste. I want to announce today the beginning of a new initiative here at the Institute. We have been talking about serving in the world as an important aspect of our spiritual practice, referred to as Karma Yoga. Now, we want to enact that understanding by initiating various service projects in our local community.

Our first group practice of Karma Yoga will be at Alemany Farm, (http://www.alemanyfarm.org/) on June 13th from 12:00-5:00pm. We will participate in the volunteer work day, supporting their effort to supply people with low incomes with healthy food. It will be also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect to the source of our food and to escape city life for an afternoon. Please join us and RSVP to Renee Colby at reneecolby@gmail.com so we can inform the Farm.

sangha-meal2We are becoming aware of numerous other worthy projects that we would like to support and I envision that we may be able to coordinate a number of  volunteers’ efforts. Please contact Claudia at claudia@integralyogasf.org to let us know if you would like to join us in any one of these ways:


— offer your service as a volunteer

— attend meetings to coordinate efforts and support other volunteers

— make a donation to support these efforts to bring Yoga classes or other services to homeless or underserved populations.

We bring our Yoga practice to life and make important contributions to the collective consciousness of our planet when we perform actions with focused care, and find joy in giving of ourselves rather than looking for a reward or outcome. We hope you will consider joining us in responding in this way to the many plights that darken our world.

Om Shanti,


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