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New Years Celebration: Sharing the Light- An Interfaith Celebration of Spiritual Oneness
with Swami Ramananda and Swami Arivananda

Saturday December 30, 6:00-8:00pm
The most important way to celebrate the arrival of a new year is to remember what we most cherish in this life: love, family, peace, happiness, and harmony. All are invited to bring and share with the
group a message of peace, joy or hope from any faith. Offer a poem, reading or story, share a song or dance, bring a holy picture for our altar, or share some favorite food. Join us as we celebrate life, community and spiritual harmony between all faiths and peoples, all beings and our mother earth.
About Integral Yoga: Truth is One, Paths are Many
Sri Swami Satchidananda, Sri Gurudev, was the founder of Integral Yoga. He himself did not belong to any one faith, group or country. Dedicated to the principle “Truth is One, Paths are Many”, he went wherever he was asked to serve, bringing together people of all backgrounds and beliefs. He spread a message of peace through respect for all the different paths, the realization of their common spirit and the universality of their goal.
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