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Navigating Oceans of Change
With Richard Miller

Thursday October 26 7:00pm-8:45

$30.00 or $25.00 Early Bird by October 7th


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Each time we begin anew, and as we truly awaken to our Essential Nature, we enter realms where there’s no place to hold onto. We surrender hope; relying Instead on trust, as we feel our way through the darkness. We are like seeds underground, where there doesn’t seem like much is going on. But this is a fertile time of waiting, where we’re learning to welcome and embody ourselves; responding to life, on its terms, where “thy” and “my” become one and the same.

Learning to live as a fully awake and embodied human being entails a shift in our identity, from separative, ego-oriented thought-based, to not-separate, heartfelt awareness-based knowing. Here, we abide spontaneously, as unchanging and ever-present equanimity amidst the ever-changing circumstance of life. This shift in identity unfolds along a continuum of awakening:

  • Waking In, where we learn to welcome and embrace all aspects of our humanness;
  • Waking Up, where the myth of separation is dispelled and we awaken as undivided Essential Nature;
  • Waking Down, where integration occurs as Essential Nature permeates all aspects of our humanness; and…
  • Waking Out, where we live as impersonal Essential Nature, embodying personal authentic actions, navigating ever-changing oceans of change amidst our social, economic, environmental, and political circumstances.

Join Richard in welcoming yourself through the door of the known, into the Mystery that has given birth to the entire cosmos; that awakens you to embodying and living your life as unchanging equanimity, well-being, and unbridled authenticity.

Richard Miller is a spiritual teacher, author, researcher, yogic scholar, and clinical psychologist, whose groundbreaking work is epitomized in his approach of Integrative Restoration iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation, a modern adaptation of the ancient practices of unqualified nondualism. iRest is a transformative process that research has shown enhances unchanging well-being, and relieves pain and suffering. Richard teaches internationally and serves as a consultant studying the iRest protocol, researching its efficacy on health, healing, well-being, and awakening. Richard is author of iRest Meditation; The iRest Program for Healing PTSD; and Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga. Visit

In 1983 Richard Miller met his spiritual mentor, Jean Klein, who introduced him to the realization of nondual awareness and what lies beyond. Richard now shares this recognition through self-inquiry, iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation, spirited dialogue, and the presence of being. Richard teaches internationally and serves as a consultant studying the iRest Program that he has developed, which is a secular adaptation of the ancient nondual practice of yogic meditation, researching its efficacy on health, healing, well-being, and awakening. For information on Richard’s teachings visit