Nature as Spiritual Sanctuary

pic-treetrunkA  walk in Muir Woods is like visiting a primeval temple.  It’s hard to be still enough to fully experience the profound silence one encounters.  Whenever we spend time in nature and fully open ourselves, we harmonize our energies with the innate rhythms of the natural world.  We attune the conscious mind to the vibration of our primordial Self in the same way we can tune a receiver to a desired frequency.

A walk in the woods can feel deceptively normal if we remain preoccupied with our mental stories or remain caught up in conversation.  If we observe silence, habitual thoughts dissolve as we are saturated with the exquisite quiet and healing colors of the surroundings.  One doesn’t need a pilgrimage to India to find ancient environments that inspire deep practice.  All it takes is dedicating our time to be fully present to our original home.


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