This month practice: Beginner’s Mind

I wanted to share with you all the monthly practice we have adopted for September:  beginner’s mind.  It can be easy to fall into doing things in a routine way without focus or heart.  That is OK for tying your shoes but a real problem with our Yoga practice, especially meditation. It can become a routine that is less and less nourishing, and thus more difficult to keep up–a kind of downward spiral. It can be interesting to bring a fresh focus to our personal practice and explore it anew.  One way to do that is for each of us to reflect on why we are practicing–what is it we actually want to experience–and then to remind ourselves of that goal each time we begin. Another way is to revisit the basic methods of preparation we use–chanting and pranayama–and make a new effort to do them with real focus.  These practices can be powerful in themselves and can make a big difference in the experience we have in our silent meditation time. ​ One last suggestion is to read things that inspire you about the greatness of your practice and its potential to transform your life in profound ways.  Here is one such quote I like: “It is with the mind that we do ​everything…..The one and only way to keep the mind in good shape, to keep the mind clean and sharp, is ​meditation.  So make all the effort that is necessary to be regular in meditation…..Through meditation, the mind gets the capacity to solve problems and rise above difficulties.”  Sri Swami Satchidananda, The Golden Present​

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