Laugh at It and Be Brave


Question: I have a vision defect which, with other problems, leads to despair and a feeling that I am only awaiting death. What can I do?

Sri Gurudev: If there is an operation that will help your vision defect, certainly try it. If there is no possibility of correcting it, it doesn’t matter. Accept it as what God wanted you to have. The minute you learn to accept something, it is no longer that troublesome. You can live with anything and everything. Haven’t you known of people in worse conditions living happily and usefully? The problem is in the mind. If you just accept it, it becomes very easy, very light.

If you want to feel bad, you have many hundreds of excuses; but if you want to be happy, you can be happy without any of these things. It’s useless to worry about them. After all, it’s just a body. The so-called limitations should not spoil your joy. Remind yourself. “I’m not the body. I’m not even the mind. I’m the spirit.” Laugh at it and be brave.

-The Golden Present by Sri Swami Satchidananda

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