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Astrud Kirtan

Kirtan with Astrud & Cosmic Kirtan Band with Astrud Castillo

Saturday, March 10 |7:00pm – 8:30pm

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As a group we are inspired by the sacred sounds and love to sing in the key of “WE”.

We share what is known as KIRTAN, a call and response of sacred sounds and mantras. It is the relationship to these mantras that illuminates our heart and awakens our consciousness. It is not important that you can sing or that you understand the words. KIRTAN is an experience. It is a practice to release you out of the thinking mind and drop you gently into the heart. MAN means mind and TRA is instrument. So it is through these sacred sounds we are able to conduct the instrument of the mind.

Please join us as we join you and together we create this sacred union with healing intentions for the whole of the world.