Join us for Sivaratri



Sivaratri is a Hindu holy day in honor of Lord Siva, the aspect of Spiritual Consciousness that manifests as change and transformation.  Siva energy assists us in overcoming destructive attitudes and behaviors, empowers us to discriminate between helpful and harmful habits, and guides us to act in harmony with our true nature.

Sivaratri originated from the ancient legend of a hunter who unconsciously worshipped Lord Siva by fasting and keeping vigil all night.  To this day, spiritual aspirants all over the world observe Sivaratri by telling stories, chanting, and performing ritual worship of Lord Siva throughout the night.

Here at the Institute, we will celebrate Sivaratri in this traditional way starting at 8pm, Tuesday, February 17.   We’ll be guided by Acharya Mangalananda, a dynamic and inspiring teacher who has been practicing this tradition for many years.  Join the fun and experience for yourself the exhilaration and great blessings accrued by this auspicious occasion.

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