Integral Yoga goes green


Back in April, we practiced what we called Green Yoga as our teaching of the month– our way of honoring Earth Day, and deepening our awareness and respect for our planet earth. We were inspired to make a difference by the ideals of non-violence and respect for all forms of life, and by the daily choices that we all make.

This effort brought even more fully into our awareness the need to take initiative, to embody what we believe in, to model for others our commitment to the environment. We are happy to announce today that we are now recognized by the city and county of San Francisco as a green business. See part of the letter we received quoted here:

“Congratulations!!! Integral Yoga Institute is now a recognized Green Business of the City and County of San Francisco! I would like to thank you for all of your hard work. It is the commitment of individuals like yourself to strive for the very best that makes our SF Green Business Program great.”


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