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Home Cleanse | Adapt Your Foods, Rituals, Practice: Ayurvedic Yogi/ Yogini Cleanse

with Chinnamasta Stiles

Saturday, April 14 | 9:30am – 5:00pm

Learn how to prepare yourself and do a safe gentle home 3 DAY cleanse on your own. This season is the most beneficial season to focus on cleansing Kapha Dosha that has been accumulating during the winter season and is ready to be expelled as the wether starts warming up again. Learn how to adapt your daily rituals and seasonal rituals, as we are moving into the spring season to liquify,mobilize and dry out Ama (toxicity). Chinnamasta will explain step by step how to initiate a gentle 3 day home cleanse. You will discover your constitution and what your current state of being is ( Vikruti) and how you may adapt the home cleanse & rituals to your personal needs.
Chinnamasta will share food options, recipes, kitchen herbs and self massage techniques to support the cleanse. She will explain safe Ayurvedic detox rituals and a Yogic Practice that supports this purification process.
We will end the day with a nurturing restorative practice focussing on nourishment for the home of Vata: the large intestine, pelvis, sacrum and legs.

This workshop is open to everybody, no experience with Yoga or Ayurveda are needed.

Exceptions: This cleanse is not recommended when you have just gone through a traumatic change in your life, when you have just received surgery, when you are older than 70, when you are pregnant, sick, weak or when there are acute medical issues. When in doubt always consult with your physician to receive a professional opinion on your personal health status.

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The essence of Chinnamasta is her heart-felt and loving presence attained during many years of deep study and practice with gifted Master Teachers in Europe, India and the U.S. While sitting next to these teachers, she received abundant blessings that led to the healing of her Self, blessings she now shares with others. Chinnamasta’s true gift is that she has the capacity to assess the root cause of a disease due to physical, emotional, mental or karmic imbalances and understand how these lead to health issues and deep suffering. With a loving and understanding attitude she helps students become proactive on their spiritual healing path, which leads to a deeply rooted connection to the Yoni Mudra (the Inner Source), resulting in long-term restored vitality and well being.