Greetings from Brazil!


Beloved family and friends,

Greetings from Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

I wanted to share a bit with you all….some pictures from life here….I was struck by the beauty of the flowers right on the grounds here, like the orchid growing right out of a tree and the other assorted flowers blooming here in winter….I am enjoying this warm climate where layers are unneeded and short sleeves are normal.

Also pictured is Anna (holding tomatoes), my mother here who doesn’t speak English, but seems to know how much I love mangoes, papaya and avocados, and keeps me plied with them and other wonderful meals, not to mention the young coconuts I have learned to open for myself to stay hydrated… more pic shows one of the teachers who is helping out here.

I am comfortable and it’s a good thing as I am teaching all day, 9 – 5pm and then usually meeting with individuals for counseling, or convincing them to walk with me for my daily exercise, then dinner and preparing the next day’s class.

Sending much love and a warm Brazilian embrace,


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