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Full Moon Devi Sadhana with Chinnamasta Stiles

Saturday, March 31 | 9:00am – 12:00pm

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Full moon is a sacred time for the yogi/yogini who is devoted to the Divine Mother. The full moon reflects Mother in all her fullness and is a sacred time to contemplate and make space for Her to guide you in your life. Every month we have an opportunity to align ourselves with Mother, and her abundance on worldly and Spiritual level. Chinnamasta will guide the group in a practice that is purifying, releasing and creating space for this fullness to flow through you.

The workshop includes a Dharma talk, Prana Vinyasa flow, Pranayama & Bhanda, Japa Mala, Chant, Meditation and Puja. We will end the workshop with Kitcheree Prasad.
This workshop is open to anybody, note that we fast the morning of the workshop. Choose wisely for a fasting option that is feasible for you, depending upon your age, constitution and current circumstances. You can fast from talking ( practice mouna), fast from electronic devices for 24 hours, fast from solid foods, fast from all foods and only drink hot water or fast by only eating fruits and drinking tea.

Fasting is not recommended when you have your moon cycle, when you are weak, pregnant or sick, beyond 70 years old.


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