February Teaching: Wise Action

We are practicing wise action for the month of February, which implies behavior that emerges from wisdom.  Just as a plant grows into being from a seed, we can take action that springs forth from the source of wisdom within, the spiritual essence we all share.  Such an effort requires some form of spiritual practice that frees us from the sense of separation we experience when we identify only with our limited bodies and minds. We may need to touch this inner, spiritual Light again and again to awaken it fully enough that it shines through us as we walk through our days.

Our spiritual practice becomes much more important when we consider the condition of our troubled world:  political systems that degrade human values, violence, corruption and injustice all around us.  Everyday choices, as well as long term pursuits, take on new relevance when we realize that each action and every focused thought is a tangible contribution to the collective consciousness of our planet.  How we live does make a difference.

We may not be able to negotiate peace settlements or end world hunger, but we can each commit ourselves to carrying peace in our hearts as we act.  Each of us can reflect on how we feel moved to serve in the world, such as making Yoga accessible to underserved populations, serving in a soup kitchen, donating to an environmental organization, praying for those who suffer, or tutoring disadvantaged children.

Serving in such ways arises naturally from the recognition of our interdependence with all of life. Actions performed with genuine care for others are healing for our hearts, and we find joy in giving rather than looking for a reward or outcome. This is how we really bring our Yoga practice to life.

We have many opportunities every day to be loving, to listen and understand others, to give without expecting something.   If we can open our hearts to even a few people we encounter, we begin to live as a light for peace, one step at a time.  It is clear that the world is in dire need of people committed to spiritual practice and wise action.

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