Early Morning Class and Guided Meditation

imagesCC31P81AWe are always looking for ways to better serve our students and deepen our understanding and practice of Yoga.  For these reasons, we will begin offering two new programs starting in June.

We will offer a multi-level Yoga class from 7:30 – 8:30am on Wednesday mornings for those who want to practice before they begin the workday.  We will also now offer a guided meditation every Thursday, 5:45 – 6:15pm, to provide support and inspiration for both beginning and experienced practitioners.
Many of us have come to know the benefit of regular practice and know as well the challenges of maintaining a practice alone.  Group classes can be a potent way to support our efforts to focus in the present moment, learn new ways of approaching our practice and be uplifted by the group energy.  Morning practice is an effective way to establish a foundation of inner steadiness and spaciousness with which to approach the day.
Some of our most senior teachers will take turns leading the guided meditations.  Sitting together, we can all experience numerous ways of working with the mind to access a source of wisdom and a sense of connection that is always present within.
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