Dr. Dean Ornish at the IYI

Dr. Dean Ornish made such an inspiring presentation at the Institute on June 7th, describing and documenting how a Yogic lifestyle can heal or even reverse the effects of chronic illness.  He is able to give in striking detail the scientific facts that make evident that Yoga, meditation, diet and group support create dramatic health benefits.

He further showed how such lifestyle changes can be supported by enjoying the wellness benefits that arise quickly when his program is followed, instead of using fear of disease as motivation,

It was interesting to hear Dr Ornish share his own story and how Sri Swami Satchidananda influenced him personally and inspired his work.  Dr Ornish made clear that the essential teachings of Sri Swamiji  form the foundation for his groundbreaking research.

With Medicare now reimbursing for his program in sustainable ways, the teachings and practices that make up the Yogic lifestyle are being offered in a growing number of places.  Clearly, Dr Ornish is on the forefront of a huge paradigm shift in western medical care, from a disease based, to a wellness based system.

Here are some of the other responses to Dr Ornish’s presentation from those attending.

“Dean Ornish’s presentation at the IY Institute in SF was deeply moving. Acknowledging Sri Guruduv for inspiration and guidance, Dr. Ornish shared with us that after 16 years of review his Spectrum Program – the first scientifically proven program to reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery – is now fully covered by Medicare. This is good news not only for our medical system but also for those of us offering therapeutic yoga as stress management.  Thank you, Dr. Ornish for your continuing contributions to the world.”

Jaymie Meyer
“Dean Ornish’s lecture made me understand how important and crucial his work has been: He was able to prove scientifically that conditions like heart disease and cancer could be positively influenced by adapting a yogic life-style. He gave a new level of credibility to the ancient health system of yoga, especially in times when yoga is mainly known as a form of exercise. As a yoga teacher and therapist I feel incredibly empowered, understanding how valuable my work is. I now feel confident that the profession of yoga therapy will be a major component of the future health care system.”

Claudia Huddleston

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