Until we experience the profound sense of completeness that is already present within us, it is natural for us to have many desires.  But we can save ourselves a lot of frustration and wasted time by learning to distinguish between healthy desires — that consider the well-being of everyone (including us), and unhealthy desires — that are based on our needs alone.

Unhealthy (selfish) desires are incompatible with our true nature —  the way we are connected to each other and all beings.  Even if we fulfill a desire, the momentary happiness we experience maintains the illusion that getting what we want is the source of our happiness.

As I pursue my own goals, if I also consider the effects of my actions on other people, my heart is at peace.  A genuine concern for others also makes possible deeper relationships, and has taught me that I can find joy in loving and serving others.  I hope to deepen this experience and learn to live this way always and I encourage everyone to try this as well.

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