Community during Adversity

The profound benefit of spiritual community is perhaps experienced most powerfully during difficult times when we most need support.  Years ago, I viewed a short videotape of some African water buffalo scattering in all directions when attacked by a pride of lions.  Some lions captured a young buffalo and held it down as others gathered to kill and eat it.  Slowly the water buffalo gathered into a tightly-knit group and crept towards the lions. All at once, the buffalo charged the lions together, heads down, and chased them off, saving their young one.
I remember this event when I think about how adversity brings us together in new ways, the challenges too much for any one of us to bear alone.  Whenever we gather to practice or pray, to share our distress or console each other, we experience a unique form of strength and find new ways to go forward. I encourage everyone to find groups of like-minded people to gather with, and regularly participate in group activities, discussions and service.  Our combined efforts can bring about great personal transformation and profoundly transform our communities.


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