Closer by Far


From a plane
the clouds make a white earth
pillowy hills and meadows
the sun makes a silver snake out of a river

The sky a limitless ocean of blue space
reminds me of how vast the heart is–
how much love it holds
and how empty it can feel,
how present it is in any moment
both broken and full

Even from this height
I cannot see the breadth of the many blessings I receive,
I cannot understand who took me by the hand,
what made me stay and try again
countless times to be still,
to drop the dialogue that claims to be me

Who can fathom the infinite
they tell us lies beyond this window we look through,
who can hold the ones they love always
though a sad shelf in the mind craves that embrace
that ends all longing

I can cry when I remember this world of love I feel–
somehow I am trying to both hold you close
and let go at the same time,
trust you’ll be there when I land
then each of us walk our own way home


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