Centennial Celebrations in Europe


Everything looks cleaner in Germany and tastes better in Italy.  I was fortunate to visit both countries to support their celebrations of the 100 year birth anniversary of  Sri Swami Satchidananda.  Amma Mayer hosted me in Augsburg where I taught two workshops: Healing the Disease of Busyness, and Integrating Yoga into Daily Life.

The first workshop was attended by 75 people and focused on how our culture compels us in so many ways to be more and more productive. Technology has fueled this tendency by increasing the pressure to communicate more frequently through social media and cell phones, we are bombarded with marketing messages and website options.

It is extremely useful to have clarity about our true values and thus, where we want to invest our time and energy.  This can help us prioritize the activities that are most meaningful and fulfilling, and in harmony with our ultimate purpose for this lifetime.

The second workshop focused on very practical ways on how to apply Yoga teachings to eat, work, communicate and play with more peace in our hearts and more equanimity in general.  We discussed that Yoga practice does not have to take more of our time, but can be included in our daily lives so that we approach everything mindfully -respectful of our needs and those of others, and ultimately be a source of joy.

I was touched how warmly I was welcomed and how well I was taken care of. This has been my experience in all the Integral Yoga centers I have visited–encountering open hearted people and quickly feeling at home with them.

We will finish complete our own celebrations of Sri Swamiji’s 100 year birth anniversary this December with a special Satsang on December 20th, and a day of celebration on the actual birthday, December 22.  I hope you can join us for some of the programs we’ll offer.

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