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Calling Forth the Divine with Swami Ramananda

Wednesday, March 7 | 6:30-8:00pm

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A puja is a sacred ceremony used to invoke the presence of God or the Divine Consciousness, to help us experience that Divinity within ourselves, to seek guidance or blessings. That presence is invoked in whatever form one chooses: a statue or picture of God from a religious tradition, or a symbol, such as a light, that represents the Divine.

The ceremony includes purifying oneself to receive that Presence and honoring it with incense, light, flowers and food offerings. While the external ritual becomes a powerful meditation, the Puja also calls forth that Spiritual Consciousness from within us in response to the Presence we invoke. Puja can be performed for a special occasion or as a daily way to reconnect us to our own Divinity. Come prepared to take notes.


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