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Buddha’s Eightfold Path with Prajna Lorin Piper

Workshop 1: Thursday, April 19 | 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Workshop 2: Thursday, April 26 | 6:30pm – 8:00pm

The Buddha’s eight fold path addresses the cultivation and refinement of qualities related to wisdom, morality and meditation.

In workshop one we will explore the teachings on wise understanding and wise intention, including the four noble truths, the five aggregates, and dependent co-arising, teachings given by the Buddha to explain how personal experience is formed and how we create suffering.

Workshop two will focus on the cultivation of wise effort, mindfulness and concentration in meditation practice, with an emphasis on the four foundations of mindfulness.

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Prajna has been practicing Buddhist meditation and studying Buddhism, mostly with teachers from the Theravadan tradition, for thirty years.

Prajna lived in southern Spain for three years and has walked the Catholic pilgrimage from Sevilla to Rocio. She has practiced Buddhist based meditation for thirty years and most of the people she has studied with have been part of the Thai Forest Tradition. She lives and practices at the Integral Yoga Institute.

Prajna took her first yoga class in 1970 in southern California. Later that year she came through the doors of the Berkeley IYI, and since that time she has loved Integral Yoga.

Over the years she has maintained an active involvement in movement, healing, and meditation. She has practiced yoga, tai chi, and various dance forms; co-authored two best selling books on Holistic Health; lived and danced flamenco in southern Spain; and since 2000, has taught Rosen Movement. In 2010, she completed her IYI Teacher Training at Yogaville, and began teaching yoga. She brings to her teaching four decades of meditation practice, the last twenty eight in the Buddhist tradition.

Attuning to the wisdom of the body/mind and opening to the present are the foundations of both Prajna’s teaching and personal practice.