Until we experience the profound sense of completeness that is already present within us, it is natural for us to have many desires.  But we can save ourselves a lot of frustration and wasted time by learning to distinguish between healthy desires — that consider the well-being of everyone (including us), and unhealthy desires — that are based on our needs alone.

Unhealthy (selfish) desires are incompatible with our true nature —  the way we are connected to each other and all beings.  Even if we fulfill a desire, the momentary happiness we experience maintains the illusion that getting what we want is the source of our happiness.

As I pursue my own goals, if I also consider the effects of my actions on other people, my heart is at peace.  A genuine concern for others also makes possible deeper relationships, and has taught me that I can find joy in loving and serving others.  I hope to deepen this experience and learn to live this way always and I encourage everyone to try this as well.

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Enjoy This Moment As It Is

This month, I am noticing how often my mind begins to think about something that I could get or do or eat that would be enjoyable.  I try to catch myself doing that and remind my mind that I can enjoy this moment as it is, without needing something more.  When I can truly embrace that idea, I really like the feeling of freedom this gives me.

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You are Always Happy

“If you are looking for a relationship to make you happy, that means you do not realize your own true nature, which is happiness. The minute you realize that you are always happy, that you are always peaceful whether you have a relationship or not, that you have a permanent relationship within, then  you no longer worry about an outside relationship. If it comes, fine, if it doesn’t come, wonderful. You become independent. You don’t depend on anything or anyone for your happiness. ”

Sri Swami Satchidananda, excerpted from The Golden Present

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Spiritual Company

Spiritual independence does not mean doing everything by ourselves or separating ourselves from others.  The more fully we experience our spiritual consciousness, the more we see how deeply connected we are with each other.

Until we realize such deeper truths, it is important to benefit from spiritual company (sangha in sanskrit) that can uplift and inspire us.  We all need support as we experience the ups and downs of the spiritual path. Sharing the lessons we are learning can open our hearts to each other and open our minds to new insights.

All spiritual seekers are encouraged to both practice cultivating their own will power and self-discipline, and to spend time in the company of others that provide needed inspiration and support.

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