Blessings to a new life

We had a sweet gathering on Sunday, June 28 to bless the upcoming birth of Kamala Berrio Hayward’s first child.  We performed a ritual puja together, invoking the Divine Consciousness in the form of Light, and acknowledging that same Light that shines within each of us.
Each of us came to the altar to make an offering of flower petals, which is symbolic of offering whatever prayer is in one’s heart, and many of us ended up showering Kamala and her husband, Dave, with the petals as well.
We prayed for a blessing on Kamala, Dave and their soon to be child, that they be for each other a source of great strength, to face the challenges of life, great love to keep their hearts open and full, and great Peace by supporting each other to see the Divine in everyone.
We then enjoyed finger food, delicious raw cacao chocolates and chai, while a henna artist painted beautiful designs on hands and arms for anyone who wanted to be decorated.  To me, it was a beautiful example of how a community can come together to offer loving support and prayerful blessings.
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