Appreciating Simple Joys


As you may recall from last week’s blog post “Opportunity to serve our community”, we have recently given emphasis to taking spiritual action in response to the distressing conditions we see in our world. At the same time, we feel that it is important to acknowledge the numerous opportunities to delight in the ordinary miracles that manifest daily around us.

Our mental landscapes are so populated with plans and goals to acquire or achieve happiness that we often miss the natural joy of the present moment.  By leaning anxiously into the future, we fail to experience the inherent sense of completeness that arises from feeling our connection with all things.

Instead of envisioning peace at the end of your to-do-list, make time now to enjoy little moments of joy.  Pause to take in the smile of a baby, watch a hummingbird in flight, keep company with a slowly darkening sky at dusk.

When going to appointments, give yourself some extra time so that you can remain relaxed and enjoy the way.  Imagine actually having time for that unexpected conversation on the street, or that chance to stop and tell someone how much you appreciate her/him.

I wish you a beautiful week to all of you, filled with simple joys…


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