An original poem entitled “the illusion of normal”

the illusion of normal

here again–
the daily miracle
right before the eyes

the immense sphere of earth turns
revealing sun and moon,
the clouds parade while
sea waves infinite offerings
on countless shores

every cell breathes in endless ebb and flow,
every leaf and stem
an art,
a world itself

under what ancient spell,
some veil descent,
we look as if it’s all the same
the illusion of normal reigns

with all our quicksand plans
and if-only dreams,
what do we really see?
what if the world was witness–
looked at the mind and laughed
at petty charms and anxious faces,
lines of longing etched into stony hearts
weighing on the soul

by what gravity do we not fly
to see a mountain lake,
wake with wonder
when a sacred guiding star rises
from the inner sky,
an ocean of unspoken sound
names the secret
passage home

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